Barockgalerie, Detail: August Friedrich Oelenhainz »Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart«

Baroque Gallery

Baroque paintings from the collection of the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart are now on permanent exhibition in the »Baroque Gallery«, which was inaugurated on 7th May 2004 to mark the 300th anniversary of Schloss Ludwigsburg. The exhibition mainly comprises German and Italian painting of the 17th and 18th centuries, the nucleus of this collection going back to the ducal collection in Schloss Ludwigsburg itself.

The collections of Count Gustav Adolf von Gotter and Burgrave Reinhard von Roeder enriched this rather modest collection with outstanding works of German Baroque painting. Important Italian paintings, primarily Venetian, found their way into the collection through the Staatsgalerie’s acquisition of the Pinacoteca Barbini-Breganze in 1852.

It was not until after the Second World War that the Staatsgalerie began to implement a systematic acquisition strategy. The majority of the works exhibited in Schloss Ludwigsburg were acquired during the post-war period. [ GM ]

Display detail: August Friedrich Oelenhainz »Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart«, 1789, oil on canvas

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